How does Whatsapp make money 2018 – Free Apps

How does Whatsapp make money 2018 – Free Apps

1. App Purchases

Apps earn money when they are purchased. WhatsApp used to cost about $1 to download though the price tag was only present in certain countries, and was dependent on the device you were using. Other users around the globe actually got to experience the app for free for year one, but then pay $1 for each year following. In 2016, WhatsApp scrapped the subscription fee altogether.



2. Advertisements

Just like ads on social networks and TV, companies pay for their products and services to be seen within mobile apps. While WhatsApp hasn’t yet cashed in on this tactic,WeChat turned in $924 million in revenue in 2014’s third quarter with just 440 million users.

3. When we are online using the app, we generate some tera bytes of data. This data includes users going through shopping, research and watching videos. When you send messages via whatsapp, the messages route via servers of Whatsapp and then to the receiver. This server is a smart code which analyses data.

The data is then sent to Facebook for effective targeting of the ads and it is highly priced.

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