Spot peer to peer payment – Virgin Money

Spot peer to peer payment – Virgin Money

Spot payment or money app called Virgin money spot is an application launched by Virgin money in collaboration with Wigroup which can be termed the best and most safe peer to peer payment platform ever launched in Africa.

The app was last updated on 30th January, 2018 and it has recorded over 5000 installations since its release. Virgin money app has an affiliate program. According to Virgin money spot, “Refer & earn by sharing the app with your friends. Every time someone registers using your code we will spot them R20 and you will receive R20 after they link their card. Visit the “Refer & Earn” tab within the app to get your personal code.”

Many peer to peer systems have sprouted and suddenly crashed in South Africa which includes Mylifechange247. Virgin money is a well known and established brand and this is the main reason why many people love and trust this Virgin money spot invention.

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Virgin Money Spot lets you send and request cash between friends, directly from one bank account to another using any linked South African bank card that is Internet-enabled. Virgin money spot has no subscription fees.

You can get the Virgin money spot peer to peer payment app by clicking the link below.


NB – This peer to peer payment system is working in South Africa for now. It is hoped that it will be extended to other countries with time.

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