Andhra Pradesh Government’s ‘Innovation Society’ to Promote Blockchain

Andhra Pradesh Government’s ‘Innovation Society’ to Promote Blockchain

Blockchain Development

Restrictive blockchain regulation is not for everybody in India as some in the country’s government are actually promoting Blockchain Development. In the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, where they have the APIS which stands for Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society, blockchain is being actively promoted.

Blockchain development company Tech Mahindra’s Eleven01 gets a lot of love in the region. They’ve now entered a partnership with APIS to promote blockchain in using all means necessary everything from events to educational and mentorship programs.

“In association with Eleven01, the organisation will explore the prospects of the blockchain technology through events, activities and mentorship programs to nurture talent and develop a community. The alliance will focus on fostering the creation of the finest blockchain development ecosystem in Andhra Pradesh.”

They are being supported by the region’s highest ministers, including J A Chowdary, IT Advisor and Special Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh. He said:

“We truly appreciate what the Eleven01 team is trying to do and we are happy to associate with them to bring advanced development and innovations with regard to the blockchain realm in the state.”

Andraha Pradesh has just been utilizing blockchain tech for keeping land records and in addition vehicle titles. From multiple points of view this puts them a long ways in front of most western purviews, where government collaboration with blockchain has so far been to “think about,” control, or indict it, with no genuine useful reconciliation occurring at the authoritative dimension.

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