$10 Million in FIL token has been donated to Internet Archive by Filecoin foundation

The Filecoin foundation has donated a sum of $10 million cryptocurrency to the Internet Archive, an American non-profit organization that is behind the main digital archive, Wayback Machine.

Also, worth more than $10 million, 50, 000 Filecoin was donated to the Internet Archive by the Filecoin foundation according to announcement and the donation was given to the Internet Archive by Filecoin foundation, to aid them to improve their online library and increase access by buying data, web pages, music, books and software.

The board of Filecoin foundation  and the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized web has been joined by Internet Archive’s founder, Brewster Khale and  Wendy Hanamura, the

A digital librarian and a computer engineer, Kahle founded the Internet Archive back in 1996 with “bold efforts to record the entire Internet.” He expects that new technologies like Filecoin will help further transform digital libraries by making them more decentralized:

“Libraries have always used the technology of the day, whether it’s cuneiform back in Sumerian Babylonian times, or papyrus paper, or microfilm. Today, the Internet Archive is built on hard drives. Our hope is that new technologies like Filecoin will revolutionize the storage market and decentralize it. We are thrilled to collaborate with an organization that shares a like-minded approach.”

As early  crptocurrency  adopters , the Internet archive, since 2011, has been accepting donations in cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin. Since its creation, with a total balance of 4.5 BTC, they have received 880 BTC.

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