A Chip Famine in Sino-American Economic Tussle

At the centre of Sin-American economic tussle is a global chip famine and this has led the current president of United States of American, calling a total evaluation of the semiconductor supply chain of America.

There have been previous report that there has been a high increase for the semiconductors, which are limited in supply and which has prompted the Bitcoin miners to be having shortages of chip. The aforementioned has led to a distinctive premium on the crypto mining price hardware, both of the new and second-hand rigs.

However , probe done thus far into the sue of the alleged  illicit poaching of engineers, is something that can swerve into issues in future like technology theft and leaking of trade secrets.

The probe on Bitman, may affect the alliance of Bitman with the Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company.

With semiconductor technology now a major focus of the economic tussle between China and the United States and the apparent deepening of diplomatic relationships between Washington and Taipei, the TSMC is reportedly working in tandem with major U.S. tech firms like Apple.


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