A Tennis Player, Olesksandra set to sell arm space as NFT

A Tennis Player Olesksandra set to sell arm space as NFT

The latest sporting star entering the NFT market is Olesksandra Oliynykova, a Croatian Tennis player. The 20-year has raised the stakes by auctioning off an NFT conferring its owner lifetime rights to a 15×8 cm area of space on her right arm, which is quite unusual, when compared with other athletes who made a brief foray into the visual arts industry to make their NFTs.

The NFt owner can commission a tattoo on the space at their own  cost or just leave it empty and which the NFT will be sold at a higher price after it was played at Wimbledon or Roland Garros. It is important to mention that Oliynykove is rated the 30th in the International Tennis Federation (ITF) World Tour

The NFT sold for $5,400. However, the owner won’t be able to tattoo anything they want on her arm, with the tennis player stating:

“Though I am very liberal regarding a tattoo image or content, some restrictions apply. First, it should be generally normal, with no extremism of all kinds allowed. Second, as I am a professional athlete, it should NOT contain anything related to gambling, betting etc. That’s it.”


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