After Mainnet delay, Theta Token Price sinks 25% Overnight

Following the delay of its Mainet debut, Theta lost a quarter of its value in a flash  dip.

The value of Theta dropped to 25% in less than 24 hours after leading in  March, 25, the aforementioned happened after recording new all-time highs throughout 2021. Also the drop of Theta is alos premised on the fact that the launching of Mainnet has been pushed back to two months.

Gearing for its official Mainnet 3.0 lauch by next month, Theta is a  blockchain-based video streaming platform. The team of Theta revealed that the debuting of Mainnet will be put on hold till June end.

Falling from a token price of $14.43 down to $10.73, Theta has lost a quarter of its value by Thursday.

A last-minute decision to include NFT marketplace in the prospective upgrade and a late code review is likely to be cause of  delay in launching mainnet

“Key partnership opportunities in the NFT space have required us to devote resources to building out the upcoming Theta NFT marketplace in a broader approach, and incorporating some of these foundational elements into Mainnet 3.0 core,” Theta stated.

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