Bitcoin can now be sent through Bottlepay Twitter APP

Following the launch of Bottlepay’s disruptor payment app, Users can send Bitcoin to and from twitter accounts.

After the launching of the integrated Bitcoin social media feature, twitter users, can now send Bitcoin, through a digital payment app, Bottleplay.

Bitcoin can be sent by twitter users through a simple tweet template, such as “@bottleplay  send 1,000 sats to @twitteruser” and instantly, Bitcoin is transferred automatically, from one user to another and this command can be executed through the twitter app.

By the end of February, $15 million was raised in a seed funding, through Bottleplay, which designates itself as a global payments disruptor. Reddit and Discord can be used in conjunction with Bottlepay app.

Twenty thousand users was attracted through the beta version of the app and this attraction was made without marketing and transactions that are worth $24.4 million were processed in just a month, since its launching on February, 10th.

On the premise of the explosion of Bitcoin transaction from 2020 to 2021, the aptness of the daily use of the coin, may be questioned. However, the high transaction fees of Bitcoin may be circumvented by Bitcoin, by using Bottlepay using Lightning Network, which is a second layer solution that takes BTC transactions off the chain by avoiding network congestion.

On the crunchy outdated payment system, the Bottlepay’s social media payments are much needed update on the clunky. And according to Mark Webster, the CEO of Bottlpay, it is a leap towards smother and easier transactions.


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