Bitcoins being held Off Exchanges

In the middle of the extant mini bull ruin, there are large number of Bitcoin that have been imn circulation for exchanges. The aforementioned has been the case since the beginning of 2021 and in recent week, the decrease has been steeper than normal.

The sharp decline in Bitcoin started on February, as opined by Glassnode based on the data they obtained started in February, 23.

Amidst February, 23 and today’s date, there have been a total amount of Bitcoin on exchanges and which there have been a fall from 2, 490, 00 to approximately 2, 442, 00. The aforementioned shows a 2% decrease in small measure over two weeks.

The sharp fall of Bitcoin, always do offer clue on the sentiments of Bitcoin investors, and which means that investors in Bitcoin are saving it for the long term, in place of trading it for the short term gains. Also the aforementioned reasoning may be premised that the holders of bitcoin expect a constant rise in the price of cryptocurrency.

Large trade on Bitcoin holdings are still on the exchange, and companies like Microstrategy are expanding their already massive bitcoin holdings, aptly shows that the biggest investors of Bitcoin are still active.

In the early hours of today, 1,900BTC, which amounts to $102 milllion was transferred  and the the report was made available by Whale Alert, which trails cryptocurrency transactions.





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