Bulgarian Officials Nabbed Selling Passports For Bitcoin

Bulgarian Officials Nabbed Selling Passports For Bitcoin

Selling Passports For Bitcoin

Selling Passports For Bitcoin – Authorities in Bulgaria have detected sale of international passports to foreigners from some parts of Eastern Europe in exchange for bitcoin. Erring citizens of Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, and Macedonia have been allegedly involved in the perpetration of the illegal activities.

The issuance of citizenship which was authorized by Bulgarian officials has landed suspected officials in the police net. Bulgarian State Agency for Bulgarians’ matters abroad Peter Haralampiev, General Secretary Krasimir Tomov and the member of the agency Mark Stoyov are among those who were apprehended by the Prosecutor’s General Office.

The Chief Prosecutor of the State Ivan Geshev stated:

“Peter Haralampiev, Krasimir Tomov, and Mark Stoyov have been arrested for fraud with the issuance of Bulgarian passports to Ukrainian, Moldovan and Macedonian citizens.”

While the legal counsels of the accused officials have denied their clients’ involvement in the receipt of unauthorized payments, the Prosecutor General insists that they have evidence to prove the process was facilitated with a digital asset as the means of exchange.

The scandal placed the government in a bad light but the Vice Prime Minister of Bulgaria Valeri Simeonov maintains that he has no intention of relinquishing power because of the level of corruption in the agency.

The involvement of government officials in this action which is punishable by the law notwithstanding,  20 individuals were recently detained in Bulgaria for selling the country’s passport to desperate citizens of Ukraine, Moldova, and Macedonia. They allegedly charged close to $5.6 thousand for just a document.

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