Companies moving to Protect Wealth by Investing in Bitcoin

'Whale’ wallets may be becoming an endangered species as Bitcoin price staggers

A retirement Plan from New Zealand Wealth Fund Management, KiwiSaver is a majorly deals on Shares, bonds and traditional assets and with an under management of $244 million.

Kiwisaver is investing in Bitcoin in order to protect wealth and this came at a time when plethora companies around the world have announced the  their exposure to Bitcoin to strengthen their treasuries.

Flowing from the above about $1 billon Bitcoin was bought in 2020 by Micorstartegy business intelligence software firm. Also about $1.5billion Bitcoin was bought by Tesla electric manufacturing car and also have started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.
Meitu, Mode Global Holdings, Square, Ruffer Investment Company, which all publicly listed companies are seriously investing in Bitcoin as treasury reserve asset that is structured to protect investor’s asset against fiat inflation and strengthen a long-term value for shareholders.

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