Connecting publishers and brands on blockchain, are Decentralized ad marketplace

Bringing in billions of dollars in revenue every year. Now, a decentralized marketplace is connecting publishers and brands over the blockchain, enabling them to make direct deals, Programmatic advertising is big business

Such as Google Ads, and crypto-focused alternatives including Coinzilla and Cointraffic, Adshares says that its platform offers crucial advantages over mainstream rivals. Its servers are decentralized and innovative systems help to minimize the possibility of ad blocking, something that starves websites of revenue, as well as delivering lower fees.

The network also intends to woo smaller advertisers by ensuring that they don’t need significant funds in order to start running a campaign for the first time and a simple onboarding process makes it easy for all parties to start using its service

Better still, Adshares says that it ensures middlemen cannot censor and block content — and this means that publishers get a final say on what appears on their website. (A powerful example of why this is a problem came earlier this month, when Signal attempted to run Instagram ads that showed users how Facebook collects and sells their personal data.)

The team behind Adshares claims that the ADS blockchain is reliable, secure and has been proven to process up to 1.4 million transfers a second in tests — a feat that would make it infinitely faster than the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, even after planned upgrades.


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