Crypto Prime Brokerage Service Launched by Link Flow

A Hong-Kong based crypto prime brokerage service, Linkflow stated that together with the traditional asset management offerings, that it is launching new digital asset-based services. The services is premised on a platform for providing a hitch-free connectivity to the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem, which gives clients unprecedented access and amangement to a wide array of digital assets/

In the ecosystem, there are plethora of value-added services, which ranges from valuation services, fund administration and management, asset lending, access to network staking and ecosystem voting .

The intention of Linkflow is the novel product to carter to and appeal to hedge fund manager and cart and other networth individuals that are considered to have a high networth and corporate entities that may move from traditional finance into crypto investment to make the management  and trading easier for non-crypto investors by giving access to an  API gateway that is unified, secure and a user friendly experience. The aforementioned has been argued to being the novel Defi space to traditional investors.

The Defi is aimed at getting to 1 billion users and $10 trillion dollars of on-chain value in the years to come, projects and in

While DeFi is projected to reach 1 billion users and $10 trillion dollars of on-chain value in the coming few years, projects and individuals have been limited by high fees, network congestion, poor user interfaces, and scalability issues. To resolve these issues, Linkflow helps users with access to liquidity, leverage, and yield generation through its own services.


According to the President of Linkflow, he opined that:  that in the middle of Defi is Linkflow , traditional markets and offers a one stop shop and margin extension, capital introduction, margin extension and even optimized bot trading




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