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A blockchain-based game to find out whose bot army is the best. To use CRYPTOBOTS, you will need to install MetaMask, a digital wallet. You will need to put money in it to make your first purchase.
A digital wallet like Metamask acts like bank account – treat it with respect and make sure you don’t forget your password or the seed words. Most of Cryptobots traffic comes from the United states according to Alexa and the domain was privately registered on the 20th of December, 2017. There is no information as to who owns or runs the website.

Now this is step-by-step instructions on how to play the CryptoBOTS game in which you can collect, buy and sell bots.

As revealed earlier,

“First, you need to install the MetaMask extension for your browser. This extension is necessary for the game because it allows you to create the Ethereum eWallet from which you will pay for game operations.

“MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.”–

In order to use the extension:

1. You need to download the extension by clicking on this link.

2. Right-click the ZIP file corresponding to your browser.

3. Unzip its contents to a folder with the same name.

4A. In Google Chrome: Open Settings > Extensions > Download unpacked extension > Select the previously unzipped folder.

4B. In Mozilla Firefox: Open Add-ons (Manage Add-ons) > Click on the gears symbol (tools for all add-ons) > Install the add-on from the file, select the unzipped file.

Remember to save the secret key that has been generated. You have installed MetaMask and can use it with Ethereum, Ropsten, and now with Classic Ethereum as well.

Step Two

Buy the ether and register in the game
Register on Accept the terms of the license agreement in the extension.

Now we need Ethereum. The Ethereum cryptocurrency can be bought on stock exchanges or through cryptocurrency exchanges. On stock exchanges, much less commission is usually charged through a bank deposit, whereas in a crypto exchange you can get the ether much faster and relatively more easily.

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Step Three

Buy a bot. You are in the game

Go to the Auction section and buy a bot. It is worth paying attention to the bot’s generation, and the speed with which it can produce an offspring. You should also find out the degree of rarity of the details of the future soldier in your army.

Pay for the bot via the MetaMask extension. The program generates the data for payment. If Metamask tells you “Gas limit is set dangerously high”, reject the payment.

The bot is already in your personal account. Congratulations!

Step Four

Earn money on your bot

To earn on your bot, you can

*sell it on Auction

Go to the Auction section and place it for sale by clicking SELL BOT. Set its initial and final cost and wait for buyers.

* place it for crossing

Go to the Auction section and place it for crossing by clicking Manufacture. It is necessary to put a price for crossing and to wait for a mate. Attention! You can’t cross a bot with its parents.

*you can cross it with another bot and get an offspring

Go to the Auction section and find a suitable bot for crossing. Pay therelevant fee to the owner and wait for the new baby bot in your account.

Step Five

Win new bots
In order to win new bots, you can participate in battles. We will write about the mechanics of battles in the next article.

Follow the upgrades…

To access or login to cryptobots click the link below.


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UpdateCryptobots is currently trending and most of it’s website’s traffic flow from the United states.

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Update – There are no complaints yet in the negative side with regards to Cryptobots. We are still watching Cryptobots closely to know where it is heading to. Stay tuned …

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