Cryptocurrencies to be accepted by Scottish Music School as Payment for Lessons

Tuition payments will now be accepted by an Edingburh music school in cryptocurrency form.

The acceptance of cyptocurrency by the Scottish music school was premised on the demands of the students and also their decision of accepting cryptocurrency, according to The Morningside School of Music, Edinburgh was in response to the suggestions from the adult pupils in the school, of which myriads of them do work in the rapid growing Finetech sectors.


The utility in accepting cryptocurrencies as form of payment, is awesome, because according to the Morningside director, Linda Boyd, the school had in the past used cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Boyd further opined that: that bitcoin is a fast and easy means of payment, because they use it to pay for goods in the school and of which they want the students to enjoy same benefit.

Boyd said the school’s decision to accept cryptocurrency was an example of a small business following the recent example set by large businesses, adding that it simply represented a viable alternative payment method.

“Some larger companies across the world are already doing this, so it’s just a matter of time before smaller businesses like ours start doing the same. It’s just about giving our customers another way of paying and making life easier for them.”

Boyd said cryptocurrency payments for a range of goods and services would become commonplace in the near future.

“Cryptocurrency is here to stay and will eventually become a routine way for people to pay for services of all descriptions,” she said.

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