Cryptocurrencies Will Create A New Economy – Riggs Eckelberry

Cryptocurrencies Will Create A New Economy – Riggs Eckelberry

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The CEO of OriginClear, Riggs Eckelberry, a company which provides water treatment solutions, and Chairman of WaterChain, a token project which works to crowdsource water funding is in an effort to reduce the rate of suffering as a result of the ongoing global water crisis.

Recently in Forbes op-ed, Eckelberry talked to the corporate animosity toward cryptocurrencies. He feels that a lack of education is prevalent among corporate entities in regards to crypto.

Eckelberry wrote:

“Yes, cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain, but crypto is very different — it’s specifically about money. When I first realized that, I pivoted from the path of enterprise blockchain and focused instead on setting up a better way for my industry to crowdfund innovative projects. But I still wonder, why all the fear, uncertainty and doubt around cryptocurrencies? I think it’s probably lack of education.”

At present, there aren’t many – apparently there aren’t any – cryptographic forms of money that fit the two bills and are both directed and settled. The on-once more, off-again connection between mainsream media and standard fund is the outcome. It was best delineated for the current week when CNBC SquawkBox grapples maligned Bitcoin following two or three years of being extremely positive, setting monetary counsel Anthony Pompliano in a place of shielding Bitcoin in general.

The coins that are all around managed are generally moderately new. It will require investment for them to end up “set up,” and eventually their utilization cases are the deciding element in their resilience. Eckelberry makes this point by saying that the best elective cash on the planet is the long standing customer mile. The utility of the thing is its esteem. Its absence of fungibility and direct money capacity is the place cryptos have it beat, and positively, it’s one part of the economy that blockchain still can’t seem to completely rule – rewards programs as a rule.

In the event that somebody is faithful to an organization and gains compensates thus, for what reason should those prizes not be transferable? It’s an issue of whose property the prizes are – the client’s or the company’s. Blockchain makes it practical as well as relatively inescapable that the future will make non-transferable prizes, miles – or whatever – outdated.

Maybe the most critical piece of the article is the dialog of the coming changes that will be brought by cryptographic forms of money. Eckelberry, in the same way as other of us, trusts they will make a totally new economy. Note: we’re not alluding here to the New Economy Development or its token XEM, which is still really in the formative stages. We’re discussing a full-scale elective economy which once in a while contacts the normal fiat one. As Eckelberry says:

The latest wave is the security-compliant token. These are being offered on new, security-compliant exchanges, such as Coinbase. These will, I believe, replace the weaker, unregulated ones, and create a stronger crypto ecosystem overall. That, I think, is what companies considering a cryptocurrency strategy need to understand: As these coins gain mainstream adoption, I think they will create an entirely new economy.

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