Daily Fee Generation of Uniswap tops Bitcoin by $1.7 Million

By the daily fee generation, after Ethereum, Uniswap is the second rated crypto platform.

Also, by more than fifty  percent, Uniswap, the world’s top decentralized exchange is recently beating Bitcoin’s daily fee.

Over $4.8 million worth of fees over the past twenty four hours have been generated by the Ethereum powered decentralized exchange Uniswap. The aforementioned was made available by CryptoFees , a data tracking website.

Uniswap, an automated market maker has been rated above Bitcoin in the second place, which bitcoin generated $1.3 million.

The top network by daily fees is Ethereum with $16.5 million — which beats out the other 30 other networks tracked by CryptoFees combined.

It appears Uniswap’s dominance over Bitcoin may be short-lived, with Bitcoin beating out Uniswap for daily fees averaged over the past seven days by nearly 20% — with BTC pushing $4.15 million compared to Uniswap’s $3.5 million.

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