EulerBeats release second album as an NFT

EulerBeats release second album as an NFT

 Musicians are recently competing with computer-generated algorithms that can produce music which is sold as NFT. Also, in the realm of visual arts, they also competing with AI robots for NFT sales.

The second LP Enigma of Eulerbeats has been sold off and of which 25 copies were sold. The sales generated $3 million via an auction on Opensea yesterday. EulerBeats is an Ethereum-based music and Arts Project.

Also, with algorithmically generated tracks backed by visuals, the project also consisted of 25 LPS consisting of 27 tokenized tracks on OpenSea. Following the launch of their first LP Genesis, this is the project’s second release. Both LPs share a common mathematical basis, but provide different art, music, and bonding curve structures.

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