EX Huobi Executive Launches New Cryptocurrency Exchange BHEX

EX Huobi Executive Launches New Cryptocurrency Exchange BHEX


Ju, who was the Chief Technical Officer at Huobi, recently announced that he would be launching a cryptocurrency exchange by the end the year. The exchange, which will be called BHEX, raised $15 million in equity from many institutions including OKEx and Huobi. The exchange also ran a token round, which attracted high profile funds including DHVC, Dfund, BlockVC and Genesis Capital.

The founding members of the crypto trading platform BHEX brought extensive experience from “first-tier technology and financial companies” including Google and Alibaba.

Ju clarified that the Blue Helix innovation would be open-source, when improvement is finished. With this innovation, BHEX will have the capacity to make a network oversaw care and clearing oversaw framework.

BHEX is touted as a cutting edge advanced resource exchanging stage, which would be fueled by the decentralized resource care and clearing innovation created by Blue Helix, an organization Ju likewise controls. The trade is setting up workplaces in Singapore, the Assembled Kingdom and the Unified States.

The computerized resource stage will give crypto-to-crypto exchanging, and in addition over-the-counter (OTC) alternatives and sets of fiat monetary forms. Fiat to crypto choice in Yuan (CNY) will be accessible, and this is viewed as a noteworthy favorable position to Chinese crypto aficionados who are prohibited from exchanging inside the outskirts of their nation.

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