Fake “UK Mobile Promo Coke” Lottery Website – auhap.net

Fake “UK Mobile Promo Coke” Lottery Website – auhap.net

Auhap.net is a fake “UK Mobile Promo” or Coke website created by lottery scammers to trick online users into believing they are winners in some UK Mobile Promo or Coke lottery.

They lure their potential victims to it using email or Text messages which claim they have won thousands or millions of dollars, directing them to visit a website to claim their so-called prizes.

It comes thus: “Alert!:Your Mobile No is Selected as winner of £2750000 on UKMobile Lotto.Go to www.auhap.net to claim.enter Ref: AU564718812.helpline: [email protected]

When you contact the lottery scammers they will ask you to send personal information, and subsequently ask you to send money in order to receive the so-called prizes. They claim the money is for taxes or processing fees and once they receive their victims’ money, they will disappear.

They will also go on to contact their victims and attempt to scam them again using the personal information the victims sent to them, or they may sell their victims’ information to other lottery scammers, who will also attempt to scam the victims.

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Stay away from www.auhap.net, or any other websites, which claim they are in-charge of winners in the The UK Mobile Promo or Coke lottery.

UK lottery or Coca-cola will never ask you to send your personal details or ask you to send money to claim a prize.

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