Feeder Africa Investments Login – Scam or Legit, Contact

Feeder Africa Investments Login – Scam or Legit, Contact

Feeder Africa investments

Feeder Africa investments – Feeder Africa is a supposed investment scheme in South Africa which many people has invested in. The investors are currently waiting for their ROI that is Return of investments which was promised by the platform.

Many people are complaining that this scheme is just another online scam. One of the emails i received from one of the investors reads: “Can I please be assisted, there’s an investment company in Qwaqwa named Feeder Africa, about 72000 people have invested their hard earned cash in this scam. Now there has been delays of about 5months with people not getting their money.

We invested a lot of money, and now they don’t want to pay us. They are still in operation, and have now opened branches in other provinces to scam more people.

We asked them that they give us our money as it is with no interest, but they say they can’t because we have signed contracts that promised us that we will get the money with interest. They have already breached their own contract but still they want investors to abide by it. We just want our money, nothing else. Please Speak Out team, help us expose this crooks and get back our money.”

Another investor sent an email which reads: “I just want to report that Feederinvestments its a pure scam.we need to expose them as they suspicion. You can go through their site (feederinvestments.com). So many people here in south africam being scammed by them claiming they going to change peoples live and reduce porvety. What i see is that them increased the porvety they talking about.”

Another email sent reads:”Greetings, there’s an investment company by the name Feeder Africa, they claim to trade cryptocurrency.
They are a Scam, as people have invested and 6 months later they have not received their returns.”

Feeder Africa investments described its platform as “A global investment company based in South Africa. Feeder. Africa, registered as Sea of Mountain Trading, is a South African company established in 2017. It deals in trading with all crypto currencies and offers its members an opportunity to invest and get good returns that will change their lives forever. Our minimum period of investment is 30 days and maximum 90 days with interest that ranges from 90% – 250%.”

“A simple and affordable way to increase your wealth by investing a small sum of money. Profit is calculated on weekdays and reinvested to increase your principal deposit and the overall profit. Profits and principal deposit are paid out at the end of the investment period.”

Describing its referral commisssion, Feeder Africa investments wrote: “You can also receive additional income on our website using our lucrative referral program. For every user signed up under your referral link, you will receive 5% of whatever they deposit.”

We are seriously running an underground investigation to decipher if this platform is a scam or not. Stay tuned …

Remember that you can always contact Feeder Africa Investments using their contact page.

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