Grayscale partners with Chainlink to promote Filecoin

Grayscale partners with Chainlink to promote Filecoin

Grayscale has announced its filecoin-based trust and premised on it annualized fee of 2.5% and $1.3 million in assets under management. Outstanding shares that is worth up to 0.99 FiL per share will beheld by the firm in product if 16,000

The consolidation with Chainlink is another report around Filecoin that has positively impacted on the price of Filecoin. A bi-directional connection will be formed with the coorperation of Filecoin integration with Chainlink oracle service.

A full web 3.0 infrastructure stack, which will entail blockchains for on-chain logic and state changes, will be had by smart contract developers as a result of the partnership of Grayscale and Chainlink. Also from the partnership other things such as  filecoin for decentralized storage and data solution and off-chain communication and computation.

A report of $40.3 billion in assets and management was made by Grascale. With $34 billion worth of BTC, the grayscale bictoin trust (GBTC)  is the largest  and at $5 billion, it is followed by Grascale Ethereum Trust (GETH).



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