Institutional Crypto Investment record first quarter – CoinShares

Institutional Crypto Investment record first quarter - CoinShares

The first quarter of 2021 has hit a new record for institutional crypto product inflows according to digital asset investment manager.

The inflow was down on previous week, however, as the week ends in March 12 recorded a $242 million inflow. However, the inflows for the past week recorded by ending on April, an estimate of $106 million helping push the total for the three month period higher than the previous quarter.

Coinshare believe that slowing of Institutional inflows does not show a broader slowing trend as quarterly growth rates and which may vary.

Overall volumes for BItcoin investment products entails a relatively small share of 6.7% of the total trading volume for regulated or trusted cryptocurrency exchanges and inflows for the past week have been dominated by $83 million in Bitcoin products  or 78% of the total and $20 million Ethereum.

Assets under management for both active and passive crypto investment products are at an all-time high of $59 billion. Grayscale makes up the lion’s share of this AUM figure with $46 billion, or 78% of the total. The second-largest crypto asset fund is CoinShares itself with $5 billion in assets under management.

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