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Join Commonsensemedia today – sign up & register – Login

Commonsensemedia is the number one website for kids! This prestigious website should be a kids’s first stop when he or she hits the internet. The website reviews everything for kids starting from books, games to movies.

According to; “Achieving a healthy approach to media and technology can make a big difference in kids’ lives today. Kids who learn to use digital media wisely can accomplish amazing things — learn new skills, explore new worlds, build new ideas, and change the world. Yet every kid has different needs. As parents and educators, we know our kids best. Common Sense is here to help. We can steer you away from things that are developmentally inappropriate, and help you find the hidden gems that are right for your family and your kids. Learn more about our Ten Beliefs here.

We tell it like it is.

We think the media and technology industries should put kids’ needs first when they create and market their products and services. Since that is all too often not the case, we believe there should be clear policies and regulations to hold these industries accountable. We advocate on behalf of kids on a wide range of issues, including the educational impact of technology, protecting kids’ privacy online, and improving the impact of media on child health and development.

Get involved.

Help us raise a generation of kids who think critically, act responsibly, and interact positively in the digital world. We hope you’ll get involved. Use our ratings to make smart media choices. Learn how to harness digital media to help your child thrive. Get your school connected to Common Sense. Join us and help make media and technology a positive and powerful force in all children’s lives.”

Introduce your kids to this website and thank me later … Thank You!

Your kids will love it’s contents and it will expose them the more … Parental guidance is however advised.

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