‘Make over $8,614/month working at home’ – Email, Scam, Fraud

‘Make over $8,614/month working at home’ – Email, Scam, Fraud

Once you get an email like with the above heading. two things are involved. Desperate people can do anything to get what they want. These emails are being sent to redirect you and take you to another website which will result in either of 2 things.

The emails usual read this in full:

“I’m STOKED to finally share this little secret with you.

This secret has literally lined my pockets with over $1.1 MILLI0N in the last 120 days alone. This is no hype, here’s the proof [[LINK]].

I’ll GUARANTEE you $5OO minimum to allow me to prove this to you.

Want it? Watch this video!

Waiting, cash in hand,
Jordan Daniels

PS: Here’s the link: [LINK]”

These mails are sent with the primary aim of redirecting to a website once you click the links therein. These guys are driving traffic to that website and they are paid massively for every click from you. Another level of this type of email is that in as much as this one is redirecting you to a website which will eventually pay the senders of this email for your click, some of this emails might tell you to pay a certain amount of money to redeem the prize you won. Others might take you to a fraudulent website and ask you to make a purchase by entering your card details. Once you do this, they harvest your card details and either use it to transfer your money or use it to purchase things online without your consent.

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