Review – My Deposit 247, Login, Register, Withdraw Review – My Deposit 247, Login, Register, Withdraw

Mydeposit247 is a peer to peer donation or money raising platform which operated largely in South Africa and it’s environs. Most of its website traffic flew from South Africa.

As of today, the 17th day of March, 2018, the platform suddenly went offline trapping the funds of its members and many dreams seems shattered by this singular act.

A ponzi scheme which the website was shuts down once there is a decline in the number of new members because funds generated by new members are used to pay old members.

The fact is that some participants are of the view that the platform will still come back online as they are undergoing an upgrade.

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Mydeposit247 is still down and many people are still hoping it will come back soon.

Please submit the details of any suspicious transaction you did while on this platform to [email protected]

Remember that most Ponzi schemes wind up once there is a decrease in the number of new affiliates.

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