Mylifechange247 – Details of members required for investigation & Refund

Mylifechange247 – Details of members required for investigation & Refund

DASHBOARD : Get Your Dreams : & MLC247.COM "My Life Change 247"

It’s no longer news that Mylifechange247 or Mymlc247 suddenly went offline trapping the funds of many of it’s members. The website has reportedly being promising to come back online anytime soon but the SOON seems to have lasted forever.

The authorities are on this case now trying to fish out the admins of this scheme or to make possible the return of this platform.

Now what is required from anybody who participated in this scheme when it was online is cooperation. You are required to make known the details of anybody or any account number you can remember where you paid in money when this scheme was still online.

You are also required to post your details APART FROM your password and the amount you paid into the account. Your account number and mymlc247 details which will be verified to make sure you participated and that your fund was trapped is also required for possible refund. Please help to do what is right … many people lost a lot in mymlc247.

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Please also report anybody whom you know or you are suspecting to be an admin of Mylifechange247.

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