NFT500 to be launched by Mobile Game developer Tapinator

NFT500 to be launched by Mobile Game developer Tapinator

In order to allow users to display their favorite digital art rather than outright buying it, a firm is bringing to the market an NFT500, that will put NFT on physical display and it will be a subscription casting service.

A publicly-traded mobile games publisher based in New York city, Tapinator, has recentl;y revealed their intention of launching a non-fungibel token that is basically premised on subscription casting service and this explains more the growing popularity of digital art.

A collection of blue-chip NFTs from digital and traditional artist that subscribers can cast from their device at home and work will be launched in summer, 2021.  The currently NFT500, that permits subscribers to take advantage of the price appreciation of the art collection hosted on NFT5000 will be made use of by the service

The subscription service is premised on the foresight that NFT enthusiast in the future would prefer to use subscription service to cast their most preferred art in lieu of sepending untold sums on their NFT collection as explained by ILya Nikolayev, the Tapinator CEO

by ILya Nikolayev  further explained that L

“When we look out several years, we envision consumers with screens in their homes displaying NFT based digital art. We expect that a substantial majority of these consumers will choose not to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on NFT collections, but rather will utilize our NFT based subscription service to cast pieces from our collection onto their wall.”

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