NFTs is being used by Mick Jagger to raise money for Indie Music Ventures

NFTs is being used by Mick Jagger to raise money for Indie Music Ventures

To aid Independent music ventures music venues that have been adversely affected by pandemic, Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones lead singer is jumping into the craze of nonfungible tokens.

A 24-hour auction has been ignited by Jagger on Nifty Gateway, in which he features his new song with Foo Fighters Frontman Dave Grohl as a nonfungible token. The aforementioned was premised on his announcement on Thursday. Extraweg  which is a digital piece was designed by Oliver Lattaa and which is characterized by a llop of a figure via two human heads, with Eazy Sleazy song the song of Grohl and Jagger  playing in the background.

“The 30-second audio visual piece evokes a surreal essence of breaking through the barriers of the human mind and pushing forward on the brink of social collapse to provide a much needed moment of artistic relief as the world slowly transitions out of lockdown,” said the announcement.

According to the NFT’s description on Nifty, the proceeds from the auction will help raise money for independent music venues in the United States and the United Kingdom through local charity groups Music Venue Trust and the National Independent Venue Association. A portion of the proceeds will also go to environmental causes. At the time of publication, the highest bid is for $8,988, with 12 people having made an offer for the NFT.

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