The CEO of Shopify ponders on integrating e-commerce giant into DeFi ecosystem

The CEO of Shopify ponders on integrating e-commerce giant into DeFi ecosystem

The Ceo of an e-commerce giant, Shopify, is publicly thinking how to integrate company with the decentralized  finance (DeFi) ecosystem and which is March of Crypto towards to mainstream.

Tobi Lutke posted on Twitter message on Friday, in which he put a poser on what role Shopify will play in the financial vertical that is rapidly growing.

Defi power players, Nasen’ Alex Svanevik, where one of those that responded to the tweet, in which he stated that in order to allow cash in the Shopify accounts to earn yield, that stablecoins payments and also Defi protocols should be used by Shopify.  Hackathon project that deposited payments directly into yield bearing protocols was pointed out by Consensys’ Corbin page as one of the respondents.

Among the suggestions Tobi Lutke, was advised to focus on leveraging deposited funds for real-time subscription, payments, subscription fees and Alchemix, a protocol that enable asset-backed loans payments, should be used.

While highly speculative in nature, Lutke’s musing do seem to be a sign that he’s caught the crypto bug. .Earlier in the day, he posted that he’d been “dabbling” with smart contracts, referring to their functionality as “fascinating.” Besides the tech, the CEO also seems to be taken with DeFi’s open, permissionless ethos.

In a Tweet, he said that while it certainly won’t fit a purist’s definition of decentralization, one of Shopify’s goals was reducing barriers and friction in online retail,  a spiritual cousin to Defi.

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