Tokenized Index Tracking launched by dHEDGE

Tokenized Index Tracking launched by dHEDGE

A tokenized index that tracks the to-ranked trader’s dHEDGE has been launched by the decentralized fund management platform.

On the automated market maker DEXes an ERC-20-token will be issued in future.

Also, an actively managed investment pools that is powered by synthetic assets provided by Synthetix will be launched by dHEDGE fund managers.

“What dHEDGE is trying to do is crowdsource the best traders on the internet, and if you can create an index out of that, […] I think that’s tremendously powerful,” Apollo Capital chief investment officer and dHEDGE co-founder, Henrik Anderson, told Cointelegraph.

The new pool, dubbed “dTOP,” will rebalance funds across the platform’s top 10-ranked fund managers on a monthly basis. The bot will also cover gas fees incurred through re-balancing, with the dHEDGE DAO paying for gas.

The performance of dHEDGE’s hundreds of pool managers is scored using the Sortino Ratio. The risk-adjusted measure considers a pool’s performance relative to its size and risk profile, considering historic volatility both to the upside and the downside.

“What we’re looking for is a risk-adjusted measure — we think it is really important you not just look at the returns,” Anderson said.

The dHEDGE DAO provided $50,000 to seed the dTOP pool, with Anderson predicting the organization will invest more funds into the index in future. The pool has a 10% performance fee that is distributed among the month’s top asset managers relative to their weight in the index.

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