Traffic Monsoon victim claims portal might not be too far off

Traffic Monsoon victim claims portal might not be too far off

Traffic Monsoon Receiver’s report suggests that a victim claims portal is too close. Traffic Monsoon failed to keep detailed records of transactions occurring within the platform.

This means that the Traffic Monsoon Receivership has had to go through ‘literally hundreds of millions of records and transactions approximating a billion dollars‘.

Using the recreated records, BRG has been able to determine on a preliminary basis that there are 101,840 persons with claims against the Receivership Estate, and that the amount of total claims is in excess of $114,286,000.00.

However, as at the end of the 2017 fourth quarter, ‘the Receiver ha(s) completed the primary work on records recreation.

There is still some work left to be done in this area, but the Receiver now has sufficient information to identify investors and determine claims, thus allowing her to take the next steps in administering the Receivership Estate.


But analysis of the recreated records has led the Receiver to determine:

that she should commence work involving investigating and identifying certain claims of the Receivership Estate that may exist against, among others, those who profited from their investments with Traffic Monsoon.

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A lot of this is waiting on the outcome of Charles Scoville’s preliminary injunction appeal. Oral arguments for the appeal have been scheduled for March 21st, 2018.

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