Two tapping apps ranks highest in Apple’s app store

Two tapping apps ranks highest in Apple's app store

In the Apple’s App Store in recent days, two trading apps have risen to the top. Also as at Friday, Robinhood is at the apex while Coinbase is in the second.  In the same app store, well known social media platform, such as Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat holds the fourth, fifth and sixth positions.

Flowing from the above it can be deciphered that, unlike the previous time that people were so much obsessed with the social media,  people are now interested in  swapping crypto and financial assets, according to CNBC.

When the company halted the purchases of GameStop stock, Robinhood saw significant coverage.  However, after the asset’s price spiked in connection with activity from a Reddit subreddit known as r/Wallstreetbets, the company decided to halt the purchase GameStop stock.

In recent weeks and in anticipation of its direct stock listing, Second Place app Coin base has also hit many headlines thus year. On Nasdaq, Chatter rose as the stock, under the ticker COIN was listed.

After they both crashed in March 2020, Crypto and stocks, largely entered the retail spotlight. With crypto markets going on to reach new all-time highs, both markets posted recoveries. Also, since, 2017, the price of Bictoin has tripled its record high.


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