“US Government Wants to Help You” Email – Scam or Legit, Fraud

“US Government Wants to Help You” Email – Scam or Legit, Fraud

If you have been receiving these emails from online scammers telling you that the United states Government wants to help you and that you should click a certain link to get it or claim it, you just have to ignore these emails because they are not from any US government.

United states governmnt can only send you mails from “Domain mails” ending with .gov

These mails are sent from people trying to drive traffic to a particular website. You will notice that once you click a link, it redirects you a site talking about windows 7. These sites pay them for driving traffic to them. Some of these mails might eventually direct you to a site where you will enter your credit card or bank details or even ask you to send some amount of money to claim a gift. These are from scammers and you have to ignore them!

Some of the emails look thus:

Hello ,

I have been trying to reach you in order to deliver your Resources package offer.

You have been selected to receive this because
you may be entitled to resources.

Back in 2009, resources became available to the American public to help you through these tough economic times.

Please click here to claim it

Resources are readily available for many reasons including:

– Business setup/ expansion
– Real estate purchase and renovation
– Rent payment assistance
– Bills
– Education
– Equipment
– And Much More!

All you have to do is know where and how to ask!

Please Click here see if you qualify.

Recipients must be found in order to distribute
Resources to organizations and private individuals like you!

Resources Advisor”

Don’t ever act on them because they are from fraudsters.

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