Adshares native token ADS to be traded across multiple blockchains

Complete with a roadmap that sets lofty targets for the business going forwards, Adshares says that its project has undergone a rebirth.

Irrespective of the blockchain that they use the most, one priority is ensuring that its native token ADS can be traded across multiple blockchains so the service can be used by anyone.

“We believe this will be a milestone in popularizing our ads, allowing users centered on different chains to be part of our ecosystem,” the team explained. “Our path to becoming a major player in decentralized ads started several years ago.”

The latest data on the Adshares website shows that its infrastructure delivers 145.7 million monthly impressions for advertisers, spread across 533 publishers. Now, the project’s founders are confident that real growth is about to begin — with new, beneficial partnerships that will help the platform become a one-stop-shop for advertisers in the crypto space and beyond. A premium offering is also in the works that will enable brands to get their banners displayed on the world’s top crypto sites.

Top priorities include eliminating the creeping centralization that exists in the advertising market, and offering an alternative to the high commissions often charged in exchange for weak levels of traffic and a lack of transparency

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