Gorilla Token delisted in China due to caution other than outrage

After memes were posted of Chinese president Xi Jinping, feed the gorillas token, or FEG, was a source of drama.

Gaining attention among animal-related tokens, amassing a market cap of over $1 billion, the token claims to use its revenue to take care of gorillas. Also, the project started suffering abandonment, after not finding support from the team, because some Chinese community members found the meme offensive.

Chinese CeFi exchanges, including OKEx and Gate responded by delisting the token, after the incident went viral. Before rebounding slightly on May 13, the FEG price dropped around 75%.

With one side claiming Chinese censorship was being forced upon the cryptocurrency community, the community was divided.

As cryptocurrency exchanges operating in a legal gray area often find it advantageous to avoid being associated with scandal and controversy, the decision to delist the token was probably more out of caution than outrage.

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