Powered by DeFi and NFTs, Space-based MMO game prepares for lift-off

Coming to the Ethereum blockchain, is a space-themed, DeFi-based massively multiplayer online game.

Farsite is a real time strategy MMO set in a universe populated by spaceships and planetary bases in which players can take on a number of roles ranging from explorer, merchant or miner to politician, pirate, or even governor of an entire star system and it is  created by the developers of the very popular 2018 DApp city builder game MegaCryptoPolis.

Farsite developer SUPERNOVAE took up an ambitious task: To give the players all of the power in the universe of Farsite and it was inspired by the leading projects of the MMO industry.

Everything revolves around an economy based on resources that must be found, processed, sold, and used to keep the galaxy turning, in the Farsite universe. It’s not a shooter. Players make everything in the game and transport it where it needs to go, while there’s plenty of fighting as Farsite players vie for resources.

What is unique is that every resource from raw ore and spaceship fuel to planetary manufacturing bases and utterly unique starships is an immutable non-fungible token (NFT) built on Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard — with a twist.

Specifically, the Farsite token (FAR) is a cNFT, a proposed standard for a nonfungible token that holds some amount of ERC-20 tokens, making it usable as loan collateral or for staking. Within Farsite, these cNFTs contain the game currency — credits — with 1 FAR token hard-coded to 1,000 credits.

While those cNFTs are largely designed to be used in-game, they will also be tradable on external NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, giving an extra financial impetus to the game’s economy. Developers plan to list FAR tokens on several external exchanges and liquidity pool markets, meaning in-game profits can enter the real world.


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