Revolutionary Way To Get Funded: ICO Roundups (Infographic)

Revolutionary Way To Get Funded: ICO Roundups Infographic

ICO Roundups

ICO Roundups Infographic – Initial Coin Offering commonly known as ICO, is a fundraising mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin and ether. It closely resembles an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in which investors purchase shares of a company. ICOs are praised for enabling startups to receive funds quickly, but some people despise ICOs because of their unregulated and fraudulent nature.

ICOs have little or no regulatory oversight. Contrary to traditional crowdfunding where the investment is considered to be a donation or a pre-buy of a product, ICOs give the supporters the possibility of a return of investment when selling their coin later at a possibly higher price.

Judging ICOs based on the failed projects while forgetting their advantages creates a false image. Due to lack of regulation, developers had total freedom on how to run an ICO resulting to different approaches on how these campaigns are set up.

Here, have created this ICO round-up infographic where you can find information about the good and the bad side of this revolutionary way to get funded. .

See The Infographic Below:

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ICO Roundups


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