With one million token set to burn, an AR party is coming to a shared metaverse

To celebrate the sixth-month anniversary of the earth-size augmented reality metaverse’s launch, OVRLand is having a virtual party on May 30, they’ll be lighting a million-dollar bonfire to celebrate.

OVRLand is a shared augmented reality where anyone can buy a plot of “land” to host any kind of digital content they want, from 3D art and games to buildings and pretty much anything they can dream up, with A 1.6-trillion hexagon digital overlay of the earth’s surface

A live “burn” of one million OVR Tokens worth about $1,000,000at this writing, will be part of the highlight of the OVRLand project. The tokens come from sales of six-sided OVRLand plots, more than 275,000,000 of which have been sold so far. That includes the Eiffel Tower, which was just sold for a record breaking $106,000.

OVRLand is also celebrating financial security along with its other achievements on May 30.

Even with the token burn, OVR has “accumulated enough liquidity to finance our current level of development and marketing expenses for the next four years,” the company said. “That makes our project bear market proof setting us in the position of keeping developing and delivering on our roadmap.”


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