How many 5 star Reviews Does Tantan App Have – Know Now

How many 5 star Reviews Does Tantan App Have – Know Now

Tantan app


Tantan Social app has a view of minimizing the number of Single hoods in China. The Tantan app was updated on the 3rd day of February, 2018 and it has over 500,000 installations. It is rated 18+.

The app lets you into it’s world and matches you with people who are suitable for you. In the app, you can like your favorites with a swipe.

lusiana chandra dewi who gave is 5 stars wrote: “nice but i can’t find my friend close to me hahhaha”

Another 5 star rater, Lotasha Fullerton wrote : “I love this app only problem I have with it is I can’t find anyone near me”

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Migz Gabriel giving it 5 star rating wrote: “it’s a great app concept where you get to know the Girls and Ladies in your Dreams!!! It has a very easy interface…AND AN EASY GET TO KNOW THE PERSON IN UR DREAMS app…cheers DEV APP team…wish to get a higher limits daily and the better choices….thanks and great job!!!”

Tantan social app currently has 7,234 5 star ratings, 2,805 4 star ratings, 1,462 3 star ratings, 275 2 star ratings and 621 1 star ratings .

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Tantan has the vision of making China a global village. It wants to connect people in the most populated country in the world together.

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Tantan has reportedly kicked off many relationships in China in recent times than physical meet and greet.

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