Bitsgap Review – Trade Crypto, Login, Contact, Exchanges, Register, App

Bitsgap Review – Trade Crypto, Login, Contact, Exchanges, Register, App

Bitsgap creates a transparent, lightning-fast and secure access to most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. It lets you trade with ease within one unified platform.

According to Bitsgap, “Bitsgap is your solution to gain access to the largest cryptocurrency markets and exchanges with one unified platform. We know that daily trading requires the most updated data and a detailed market overview, and we see how this can be time-consuming. That’s where Bitsgap comes in use!”

Bitsgap is an Estonian based privately held company. Most of its website’s traffic flows from Canada and Romania. The domain, was created on the 23rd day of January, 2017.

Revealing its goals, the company revealed:

“Our goals

We identified three most important tasks for us, which determine our work and contribute to the achievement of the goals of all traders:

  • Security and Stability, we provide the most secure access to the platform with EV SSL Certificate and Advanced Hash Algorithms to encrypt all passwords and store personal user data.
  • Unity, we have connected numerous leading cryptocurrency exchanges to provide one unique optimized interface where users can make their daily trades.
  • Experience, we want to deliver a fully scaled experience for new and advanced traders by giving them unlimited access to the most modern tools and designs used by professional traders”

The company’s vision is “Our vision is to create a trading platform that will address all the needs of both the beginners as well as the experts. We have already managed to build the only trading platform where you can practice without investing anything.”

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If you want to search market and prices, follow the guideline according to Bitsgap below:

Searching Market and Prices

To check the price for each coin on different exchange, please open the Market Cap Page. Bitsgap allows you to quickly find any cryptocurrency pair and check the price on any of the supported exchanges.

1. The multifunctional search will allow you to find the pairs in the most efficient and quick way possible. The commas can separate search items. You can search by pairs, coin and exchange.

2. The timeframe section will allow you to view the change in the value of the pair for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hour and so on.

3. The blue triangle means that pair presented on several exchanges and if you click it, you will see the detailed information for each exchange.

4. You can always bookmark any pair in your favorites by clicking on the start next to it.  Favorites pairs are always visible on the top of your Market Cap list.”

You can contact Bitsgap by clicking the link below:


Bitsgap Holding OÜ is registered in Estonia
Registry code 14004763,
Address Mõisa str 4, 13522 Tallinn, Estonia
You can always contact us Via [email protected] to get your questions answered.
NB – There are many Crypto currency scams and scammers roaming the internet. Be careful to avoid getting defrauded.

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