Exchange Rates App Review – Currency converter with live exchange rates

Exchange Rates App Review – Currency converter with live exchange rates

Exchange rates app is a financial app. It is primarily for currency conversion. It supports 180+ currencies, precious metals and bitcoin. Currency converter has recorded over 5 million Installations on google play.

According to the developers, Universal Currency, “Currency converter with live exchange rates for every world currency. Track all your favorite currencies at the same time, view interactive currency charts or quickly convert any currency pair. Trusted by millions of people this perfect travel companion works offline and allows you to set your own custom exchange rates. The beautiful material design interface comes with a handy built-in calculator, fast currency search and can even show the banknotes for any country.

• Supports 180+ currencies, precious metals and bitcoin
• Live exchange rates updated every minute

• Currency converter for multiple currencies at once
• Simple currency converter for single currency pairs
• High quality interactive currency charts with zoom
• Integrated calculator with large keypad buttons
• Search by country, code, name or symbol
• Slideshow of banknote images for each country

• Currency converter works offline (no roaming charges)
• Set your own custom overrides for exchange rates

• Material design with customizable light and dark themes
• Drag and drop gestures to organize your favorites

• Open currency pairs in Google Finance or Yahoo Finance
• Browse Wikipedia entries for all currencies”

See what people are saying about this app below:

Martin Stengård gave it a 4 star rating and wrote: “Good looking app. But the invert button doesn’t work in Conversion mode. It just flips places of the two currencies but doesn’t invert the amount so rather pointless. What I mean is that if you put 100 usd to eur it will show that, the invert rate button should then invert rate like its says so it should display 100 eur in usd instead. If you don’t know what I mean just look at other similar apps.”

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Kazuki Mamei dropped a 1 star rating and wrote: “Basically nice apps. But my phone could not be asleep mode after start to use this app. And the issue was solved by uninstalling this app.”

Harsh Singhvi gave it a 4 star rating and wrote: “This is a good app but need more rates for conversation like Petrol Diesel petroleum etc”

The app was last updated on December, 12th 2017 and what is new about this app includes:

Improvements to the speed and resilience of rates updates
Banknotes image hosting moved to a provider with more bandwidth
Fixed minor rendering issue with search results
This App has many positive ratings and comments on the Google Play store.

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