How does skip the dishes make money – 2018

How does skip the dishes make money – 2018

Skip the Dishes was created by Calgary’s Andrew Chau to help restaurants offer delivery and provide people in cities with more options for food. The delivery charge ranges from free to $7.

These are the steps to follow if you want to place an order with skip the dishes.

Step 1: Choose a restaurant. Begin by entering your address on the homepage and press “Find Restaurants”. …

Step 2: Place your order. Once you’ve selected your restaurant, it’s time to choose your food! …

Step 3: Checkout. Confirm your order and pay online or with cash on pick-up/delivery.

Skip the dishes can best be described as an online food delivery company which operates in 26 cities in Canada and the United States.

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Skip the Dishes allows consumers to order take-out food by linking restaurants to a pool of freelance drivers who are paid a small fee for each trip.

Stay tuned for more reviews and updates on Skip the Dishes.

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