Spot easy mobile payments – Virgin Money Spot App

Spot easy mobile payments – Virgin Money Spot App

Virgin money is a trusted financial services provider. The platform has launched a peer to peer payment platform known as Virgin money spot which might just go down history as the first safe and trustworthy peer to peer payment platform in Africa. This is because it is not coming from an anonymous person or group of persons just like many peer to peer platforms.

Spot is the easiest way to send money to people you know. From your card account to their card account. It is also social.

According to Spot, Spot works by securely facilitating card to card mobile payments, enabling you to send money from your card account straight to your friend’s card account. All you have to do is register & link your debit/cheque or credit card upon your first transaction, then voila! You can send money to anyone with a South African card account by using their cellular number.

How to register.

Enter your South African cellular number.
Enter the one-time verification PIN that was sent to you.
Upload a photo to personalize your account.
Fill in your name, surname, and email address.
You’re done – it’s that simple!

You can Install the IOS or Android Virgin Money Spot app by clicking the link below:

Install IOS

Install Android

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Virgin Money is a trusted brand and this is making more people key into this Peer to peer payment system by them.

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Virgin money is a trusted brand and many South Africans are keying into this …

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