WhatsApp Business Review – How to use, How it works, New Features

WhatsApp Business Review – How to use, How it works, New Features

Whatsapp is an app used for communication. It houses normal individual chat, group chats, Whatsapp call and Whatsapp Video call. Whatsapp has now introduced Whatsapp business which houses many other features worth exploiting.

According to WhatsApp Inc on google play, ” WhatsApp Business enables you to have a business presence on WhatsApp, communicate more efficiently with your customers, and help you grow your business.

If you have separate business and personal phone numbers, you can have both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger installed on the same phone, and register them with different numbers.

In addition to the features available in WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business includes:

• BUSINESS PROFILE: Create a profile for your business to help your customers find valuable information — like your website, location, or contact information.

• BUSINESS MESSAGING TOOLS: Be more responsive to your customers by using Away messages to indicate that you’re away.

• LANDLINE/FIXED NUMBER SUPPORT: You can use WhatsApp Business with a landline (or fixed) phone number and your customers can message you on that number. During verification, select the “Call me” option to receive the code over a phone call.

• RUN BOTH WHATSAPP MESSENGER AND WHATSAPP BUSINESS: You can use both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on the same phone, but each app must have its own unique phone number.

• WHATSAPP WEB: You can more efficiently respond to your customers right from your computer’s browser.

WhatsApp Business is built on top of WhatsApp Messenger and includes all the features that you rely on, such as the ability to send multimedia, free calls*, free international messaging*, group chat, offline messages, and much more.

*Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.

Note: once you restore your chat backup from WhatsApp Messenger to WhatsApp Business, you will no longer be able to restore it back to WhatsApp Messenger. If you would like to go back, we recommend that you copy the WhatsApp Messenger backup on your phone to your computer before you start using WhatsApp Business.

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What are people saying about Whatsapp Business..?? Read reviews below:

Vinothan Suppiah reviewed it, gave it one star and wrote “What’s the point of this if it can only be used on 1 device at any one time? The ability to register with a fixed line number is good but it’s stuck with one device. Would have preferred to see an option either to install on to multiple devices with the same account, or the ability to delegate to multiple regular WhatsApp users to manage (answer calls, send announcements, update status, message or reply) on behalf of the business.”

Chirayu Modi, gave it 4 stars and wrote: “Most needed app for business owners. I was using third party apps for using 2 whatsapp in same mobile which was not at all usable. Thank you whatsapp for making this App. Hope to get updates that will be needed in Future.”

An anonymous gave it 2 stars and wrote: “Yes, it’s designed for small businesses. But even then there’s like 3-4 smartphones being used, why does it have to be one phone with one number? Why can’t multiple phones use it with one number instead of having to make separate ones? Really need that feature. The person working isn’t always available, so it would be nice if someone else could respond. It limits the app. I want to be able to register a number that can be used by other people as well on their separate smartphone.”

Dhanraj Saini dropped 3 stars and wrote “I will give 5 STARS when i see these NEW FEATURES- 1) email service, so that we can access our any email through this single app 2) what if it contains an online contact directory of businesses? 3) Put a mark on Contacts whether they are customer or other businesses to deal with, within this app 4) should it contain a feature naming “payment facility”? 5) etc….. 😀 (don’t want to reveal all potential features :-P”

David Esteban gave it 5 stars and wrote: “Awesome! Truly the best app ever! But for business wich are 24 hours open everyday. You should put “always open” rather than every day 24 hours”

kakadiya denish rated it 3 stars and wrote: “nice app. But a business app require much more features to handle customers and promote their business. Labling contact is good but labeled chat should have corrosponding color on label icon beside chat icon on home page. currently all different labels are shown as same grey color label icon on main page.”

hau87Z dropped a 3 star rating and wrote: “Hi team, facing problem to set business hours, example i set from start 1100 then end 0130, start change to 0130 too, means start 0130 end 0130. I cant set the business hours properly. Hi team, can pls fix set business hours? Business hour start from 1100 to 0130 (11:00am – 1:30am), can’t be set.”

Sara Alaa Azab gave is 1 star and wrote : “I just lost all my chat backup, that stupid app didn’t use my backed up chat…. That frustrated 😤”

Sachin Jain gave it 3 stars and wrote: “I think it’s in infant stage … Not much work has been done… Few suggestions 1. Appointment Scheduling should be available as business hours suggests 2. Multiple users should be grouped under one business entity 3. How business verification is done , it’s not mention in FAQ and how long will it take to a verified business 4. Search of business name in whatsapp messenger should be introduced so that individuals can connect business directly. There are others too, which I will share if I get response on above … If they are already in your upcoming featured list, LAST: upcoming feature ”

Tsireledzo Michael gave it 3 stars and wrote: “Thank you for adding WhatsApp for Business, but the App is still very basic. If would be great you: 1. Let other contacts seen the name of the business instead of the numbers. 2. Allow multiple login of the same business app. It remains a personal account if it can only be accessed by a single person. (A device can be signed a name, which can help track who has been texting on behalf of Business) 3. A background avi for WhatsApp business. 4. Verification ticks to show the legitimacy of the business. 5. Slot for social networks rather than only space for websites. (With social icons perhaps) 6. A little slide layer in profile ”

Nisarg Kotecha gave it 5 stars and wrote: “Actually it’s 3 star but seeing the potential of becoming all in app for Business professionals I rated 5 stars.. Few suggestions: 1. Basic CRM features 2. Payment Integration 3. Mass marketing (let it be paid) 4. Unique WhatsApp Business ID to add them w/o there number 5. Integration with Google Apps 6. And many more extras PS: For god sake keep it ad free”

Update – Whatsapp just introduced a peer to peer payment in India and this will be introduced in all the countries once the developers are done with testing it.

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