Bitcoin Price Will Jump Past $11,500 Soon – Crypto Bull

Bitcoin Price Will Jump Past $11,500 Soon – Crypto Bull

Bill Baruch, a cryptocurrency analyst / Bull who predicted both bitcoin’s crash and rally, has set a near-term bitcoin price target of $11,500 to $11,800.

Baruch who is the president of Blue Line Futures, has a good record for bitcoin price predictions. In February 2018, when BTC plunged to $7,200 during the market correction, Baruch confidently forecast that bitcoin would return to $10,000.

In March 2018, bitcoin’s price cleared a high of $12,971, and averaged about $10,500.

Baruch is also confident that cryptocurrency prices will continue to rally now that Tax Day in the United States has passed.

Baruch said on CNBC: “After fighting regulation headwinds and tax selling, the path of least resistance is higher, and I believe the sector still has much more upside in the long run, The ultimate upside is $11,500 to $11,800.”

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