Chinese Internet Court Employs Blockchain To Fight Online Plagiarism

Chinese Internet Court Employs Blockchain To Fight Online Plagiarism

blockchain to fight plagiarism

An Internet Court which is situate in the Eastern Chinese City Hangzhou will now use blockchain to fight plagiarism for online writers. This is according to Chinese news outlet China launched its first internet court in the city of Hangzhou to deal with internet related cases, save time and cost.

The court was expected to accept court filings and cases electronically and given the mandate to rule online cases through live stream. Plaintiffs verification may be done using their government-issued ID or through their Alipay account.

The Hangzhou Internet Court is in for the governance of the internet space in China and to settle “diversified Internet disputes.

Hangzhou houses the The Binjiang District which is home to over a hundred popular online writers. These writers have had issues with piracy over the years, and it has become increasingly challenging for them to prove their ownership of any piece of work.

The cost of legitimate administrations and public accountant expenses likewise make it troublesome for authors to seek after equity. Notwithstanding, the Hangzhou Web Court trusts that it is about difficult to mess with proof that is signed on a disseminated record or blockchain, “due to its decentralized and open distributed ledger technology.”

Wang Jiangqiao, who is a judge at the court, was of the opinion that blockchain is beneficial to writers due to its tamper-proof nature, which gives it the ability to “track “authorship, time of creation, content, and evidence of infringement.”

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