Digital Asset Partners With Amazon AWS Aurora

Digital Asset, a Blockchain software firm has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Aurora to make its open-source smart contract language Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML) more interoperable.

The partnership will enable multi-platform DAML support for various blockchain networks, notably including Hyperledger Fabric and blockchain consortium R3’s Corda.

DAML is an expressive language introduced in April 2016 which is designed for financial institutions and enterprises to model and execute agreements through distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Digital Asset’s cooperation with AWS Aurora — Amazon’s cloud storage engine will enable firms to build applications using DAML and later add them to various blockchain networks. The integration to be available as of July — is reportedly enabled by Blockchain Technology Partners’ (BTP) management platform Sextant, available on the AWS Marketplace.

According to the press release, this will be possible without a change of code, and ostensibly mean that companies do not have to commit to one specific ledger before building infrastructure.