Fudan University Launches Blockchain Research Center

A university in China, Fudan University, has opened a blockchain research center, according to an announcement.

Fudan University established the Shanghai Blockchain Engineering Technology Research Center in collaboration with Zhongan Online Property Insurance Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhongren Information Technology Co., Ltd.

The center is meant to carry out basic research on blockchain technology, demonstrate its application, as well as provide associated talent training. The establishment of the Shanghai Blockchain Engineering Technology Research Center will promote the development and growth of the blockchain industry in Shanghai and purportedly facilitate the development of the Shanghai economy.

Some Chinese universities have also integrated blockchain into their scholarship programs. In January, in collaboration with blockchain payments firm Ripple, the Institute for Fintech Research at Beijing’s Tsinghua University (THUIFR) announced the Blockchain Technology Research Scholarship Program (BRSP). The program reportedly intends to bring together the best graduate students in China in 2019 to study global blockchain regulations and industry development.

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