Global Trade is being transformed through Blockchain by Morpheus Network

An update has been launched by Blockchain-powered supply chain management platform, Morpheus network  and which Moprheus network has entered into Agribusiness with the government of Argentina. Also in the Future of Ports, 2021, Morpheus network were the winners.

The leading supply ecosystem and which is rapidly changing the global trade industry in 2021, is Morpheus Network. Also, in addition to agreeing to a global agribusiness with SENASA and also one of the five winners of the year’s prestigious  Gulftainer, Future of Ports competition, the company has just launched its updated enterprise-grade, next-generation supply platform.

Morpheus.Network is a supply chain ecosystem with the ability to extend itself on top of existing industry technologies through its blockchain technology. The Morpheus.Network platform exists on the cloud in between blockchain and IoT, with the potential to be integrated with different technologies and devices in one single format.

The Morpheus ecosystem is uniquely able to streamline the supply chain process of thousands of companies and has tremendous potential to revolutionize various processes used by leaders in multiple industries, such as trade and logistics. 

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